Tang Thi Ja Khatir-E-Nashad Mein

tang thi ja khatir-e-nashad men

aap ko bhule ham un ki yaad men

my heart, because of sorrow was constricted and upset

in thoughts of her, even myself, I managed to forget

kyunkar uthta hai khuda ranj-e-qafas

mar gae ham to kaf-e-saiyad men

How can I Lord, the suffering of imprisonment endure?

as in the captor’s grasp itself I had died for sure

vo jo hain tarikh se vaqif bataen

farq bad-e-ah o bad-e-ad men

let those who are conversant with tradition clarify

how does the wind from hell differ from a fiery sigh

yaan ummid-e-qatl hi ne khuun kiya

rah gai hasrat dil-e-jallad men

it was the very hope of being slain that got me killed

the hangman’s deepest wish, alas, couldn’t be fulfilled

be-taalluq-pan bhi akhir qaid hai

qaid paai khatir-e-azad men

neglect and lack of caring too are prisons of a kind

when she set me free I felt as though I was confined

ghamza-e-shirin hi ki daulat se tha

jo asar tha tesha-e-farhad men

twas the wealth of Shiiriin’s glances that happened to provide

the force that in the pick axe of Farhad did then reside

kyuun khabar puchhi tira bimar haae

mar gaya shor-e-mubarakbad men

to ask after your lovesick beau, why did you have to pause

he was done to death by waves of thunderous applause

be-takalluf ji men jo aae karo

kya dhara hai nala-o-fariyad men

whatever is your heart’s desire do it sans a care

what’s the point of crying out and wailing in despair

dhyan tujh ko ho na ho par ‘shefta’

raat din rahta hai teri yaad men

you may, may not recall but then know this to be true

sheftaa night and day remains immersed in thoughts of you

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