Story 2-The Manners Of Kings – Gulistaan-e-Sa.Adii

One of the kings of Khorasan had a vision in a dream of Sultan Mahmud, one hundred years after his death. His whole person appeared to have been dissolved and turned to dust, except his eyes, which were revolving in their orbits and looking about. All the sages were unable to give an interpretation, except a dervish who made his salutation and said: ‘He is still looking amazed how his kingdom belongs to others.’

Many famous men have been buried under ground

Of whose existence on earth not a trace has remained

And that old corpse which had been surrendered to the earth

Was so consumed by the soil that not a bone remains.

the glorious name of Nushirvan survives in good repute

Although much time elapsed since he passed away.

do good, O man, and consider life as a good fortune,

the more so, as when a shout is raised, a man exists no more.

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