Sarakti Jae Hai Rukh Se Naqab Aahista Aahista

sarakti jaae hai rukh se naqab ahista ahista

nikalta aa raha hai aftab ahista ahista

the veil slips from her visage at such a gentle pace

as though the sun emerges from a cloud’s embrace

javan hone lage jab vo to ham se kar liya parda

haya yak-lakht aai aur shabab ahista ahista

as she came of age she started to be veiled from me

shyness came to her at once, beauty then slowly

shab-e-furqat ka jaaga huun farishto ab to sone do

kabhi fursat men kar lena hisab ahista ahista

I haven’t slept since parting eve, o Angels, I request

I’ll settle your accounts at leisure for now let me rest

saval-e-vasl par un ko adu ka khauf hai itna

dabe honton se dete hain javab ahista ahista

on question of our meeting, so scared of rival’s she

in soft tones thus replies, her answer whisperedly

vo bedardi se sar katen ‘amir’ aur main kahun un se

huzur ahista ahista janab ahista ahista

the only difference ‘tween your love and mine that I can see

you want to take your time while I, behave impatiently

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