Roz Khun Hote Hain do-Chaar Tere Kuche Mein

roz khuun hote hain do-char tire kuche men

ek hangama hai ai yaar tire kuche men

every day, some in your street are slain

my love, a furor now infests your lane

farsh-e-rah hain jo dil-afgar tire kuche men

khaak ho raunaq-e-gulzar tire kuche men

with bloodied hearts your street is littered now

your street can never have the garden’s glow

sarfarosh aate hain ai yaar tire kuche men

garm hai maut ka bazar tire kuche men

as ardent martyrs, in your street arrive

death’s marketplace begins to hum and thrive

sher bas ab na kahunga ki koi padhta tha

apne haali mire ashar tire kuche men

I’ll speak no more, as someone does repeat

as if his own, my verses, in your street

na mila ham ko kabhi teri gali men aram

na hua ham pe juz azar tire kuche men

no comfort in your street I ever found

save torture nothing else was all around

malak-ul-maut ke ghar ka tha irada apna

le gaya shauq-e-ghalat-kar tire kuche men

to go to death’s abode resolved, in vain,

but wayward wishes led me to your lane

tu hai aur ghair ke ghar jalva-tarazi ki havas

ham hain aur hasrat-e-didar tire kuche men

at my rival’s home you preen and prance

whilst in your lane I yearn for just a glance

ham bhi varasta-mizaji ke hain apni qaail

khuld men ruuh tan-e-zar tire kuche men

my love of freedom will ever remain

my soul in heaven, body in your lane

kya tajahul se ye kahta hai kahan rahte ho

tire kuche men sitamgar tire kuche men

of my address such ignorance you feign

tis in your lane, O tyrant, in your lane

‘shefta’ ek na aaya to na aaya kya hai

roz aa rahte hain do-char tire kuche men

what matters if just Sheftaa stays away?

as several come, dwell in your lane each day

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