Kya Aae Tum Jo Aae Ghadi do Ghadi Ke Baad

kya aae tum jo aae ghadi do ghadi ke baad

siine men hogi saans adi do ghadi ke baad

to what avail is if you come after such a wait

my breath belabours in my breast, it may be too late

kya roka apne girye ko ham ne ki lag gai

phir vo hi ansuon ki jhadi do ghadi ke baad

how the river of my tears I managed to restrain

the cataract, soon afterwards, was flowing again

koi ghadi agar vo mulaem hue to kya

kah baithenge phir ek kadi do ghadi ke baad

what is the point if she is kind for a while today?

for moments later something harsh she will surely say

us lal-e-lab ke ham ne liye bose is qadar

sab ud gai misi ki dhadi do ghadi ke baad

with such passion did I kiss her crimson lips today

the colour of her painted lips soon was washed away

allah re zof-e-sina se har ah-e-be-asar

lab tak jo pahunchi bhi to chadhi do ghadi ke baad

Lord my weakness caused each prayer to be of no avail

even though it reached my lips, in rising it did fail

kal us se ham ne tark-e-mulaqat ki to kya

phir us baghair kal na padi do ghadi ke baad

what if yesterday I swore to never meet or see

without her heart was restless then momentarily

the do ghadi se shaikh ji shekhi bagharte

saari vo shekhi un ki jhadi do ghadi ke baad

for a time the priest did go on bragging endlessly

but his swagger soon thereafter vanished suddenly

kahta raha kuchh us se adu do ghadi talak

ghammaz ne phir aur jadi do ghadi ke baad

my rival kept talking to her quite a while you see

thus the rascal further added to his calumny

parvana gird shama ke shab do ghadi raha

phir dekhi us ki khaak padi do ghadi ke baad

for a while the moth did then, circle the flame around

later then I saw its ashes heaped there on the ground

tu do ghadi ka vaada na kar dekh jald aa

aane men hogi der badi do ghadi ke baad

do not pledge to come at length, I beg you do make speed

any further you delay, will be too late indeed

go do ghadi tak us ne na dekha idhar to kya

akhir hamin se aankh ladi do ghadi ke baad

what if she did not glance this way for a moments few

finally our eyes did meet after those moments two

kya jaane do ghadi vo rahe ‘zauq’ kis tarah

phir to na thahre paanv ghadi do ghadi ke baad

for so long, I wonder how Zauq managed to sustain

when even for two moments still his feet do not remain

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