Kuchh Bala Aur Kuchh Sitam Hi Sahi

kuchh bala aur kuchh sitam hi sahi

ishq men furqat-e-sanam hi sahi

So what if there is a little trouble and little cruelty

So what if in love, there is separation from the beloved

jis ko chahen use khushi de den

mere hisse men un ke gham hi sahi

He can bestow happiness on whoever he wants

So what if he has apportioned sorrows for me

kitni viran hai sadaqat bhi

but-kada gar nahin haram hi sahi

How desolate is truthfulness too

For the gallows today there is only me

meri khuddari-e-vafa dekho

sar jhukane se sar qalam hi sahi

I must bow my head in worship, once here

So what if it isn’t a temple but the Kaaba

zindagi aaj tera lutf o karam

kam agar hai to aaj kam hi sahi

Look at my self-respect even in love

So what if I have my head axed for not bowing

jaise mumkin ho baat rakh lena

‘indira’ ka zara bharam hi sahi

the savour and mercy of life is so

So what if it is so less, so it is

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