Kahte Hain Jis Ko Hur Wo Insan Tumhin To Ho

kahte hain jis ko huur vo insan tumhin to ho

jaati hai jis pe jaan miri jaan tumhin to ho

the human called an angel, it’s you and only you

for whom I give my life, it’s you and only you

matlab ki kah rahe hain vo daana hamin to hain

matlab ki puchhte ho vo nadan tumhin to ho

Being “clever”, I communicate my cravings clearly

still unaware and “innocent”, it’s you and only you

aata hai bad-e-zulm tumhin ko to rahm bhi

apne kiye se dil men pasheman tumhin to ho

compassion also follows torture and torment

by your own very actions shamed, it’s you and only you

pachhtaoge bahut mire dil ko ujaad kar

is ghar men aur kaun hai mehman tumhin to ho

you will regret it greatly, if you destroy my heart

as who else lives in this place? it’s you and only you

ik roz rang laengi ye mehrbaniyan

ham jante the jaan ke khvahan tumhin to ho

your kindnesses would result in tragedy one day

I knew that thirsting for my life, it’s you and only you

dildar o dil-fareb dil-azar o dil-sitan

lakhon men ham kahenge ki haan haan tumhin to ho

generous and enchanting, cruel, heart-stealing too

midst millions I would say for sure, it’s you and only you

karte ho ‘dagh’ duur se but-khane ko salam

apni tarah ke ek musalman tumhin to ho

from a distance “daaG” you bow to the idol’s abode

your own odd kind of Muslim, it’s you and only you

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