Garmi-E-Hasrat-E-Nakaam Se Jal Jate Hain

garmi-e-hasrat-e-nakam se jal jaate hain

ham charaghon ki tarah shaam se jal jaate hain

I burn up in the flames of unfulfilled desire

like lanterns are, at eventide I am set afire

shama jis aag men jalti hai numaish ke liye

ham usi aag men gumnam se jal jaate hain

the fire,that the flame burns in, for all to see

In that very fire I do burn but namelessly

bach nikalte hain agar atish-e-sayyal se ham

shola-e-ariz-e-gulfam se jal jaate hain

If from the hunter’s fire I manage to escape

I perish in the fire that’s in the flower’s cape

khud-numai to nahin sheva-e-arbab-e-vafa

jin ko jalna ho vo aram se jal jaate hain

exhibition’s not the norm for those that faithful be

those who wish to perish then do so quietly

rabt-e-baham pe hamen kya na kahenge dushman

ashna jab tire paigham se jal jaate hain

at our mutual fondness why will enemies not fret

when even friends, at your messages, are all het

jab bhi aata hai mira naam tire naam ke saath

jaane kyuun log mire naam se jal jaate hain

whenever my name happens to be linked to thee

I wonder why these people burn with jealousy

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