diwangi Se dosh Pe Zunnar Bhi Nahin

divangi se dosh pe zunnar bhi nahin

yaani hamare jaib men ik taar bhi nahin

in frenzy, on my shoulder, there’s not even a thread

sign of my idol worship, has vanished now I dread

dil ko niyaz-e-hasrat-e-didar kar chuke

dekha to ham men taqat-e-didar bhi nahin

for a glimpse I sacrificed, my heart to this degree

that when I looked I found I had not the strength to see

milna tira agar nahin asan to sahl hai

dushvar to yahi hai ki dushvar bhi nahin

had meeting you, been just hard, would be easy on me

the problem is it is an impossibility

be-ishq umr kat nahin sakti hai aur yaan

taqat ba-qadr-e-lazzat-e-azar bhi nahin

its not possible to live, a life sans love but here

strength to bear the ecstacy of pain does not appear

shoridgi ke haath se hai sar vabal-e-dosh

sahra men ai khuda koi divar bhi nahin

my head, a burden has become, in my craziness

there’s not even a wall o lord in this wilderness

gunjaish-e-adavat-e-aghyar yak taraf

yaan dil men zoaf se havas-e-yar bhi nahin

leave aside the scope to bear, enmity ‘gainst foes

desire for beloved’s lost in my weakened throes

dar nala-ha-e-zar se mere khuda ko maan

akhir nava-e-murgh-e-giraftar bhi nahin

fear these my plaintive cries, be fearful of God’s rage

after all they’re not the caws of roosters in a cage

dil men hai yaar ki saf-e-mizhgan se ru-kashi

halanki taqat-e-khalish-e-khar bhi nahin

my heart is confronted with her lashes all arow

een strength to bear the prick of thorns is not there although

is sadgi pe kaun na mar jaae ai khuda

ladte hain aur haath men talvar bhi nahin

at her innocence o Lord! who would not give his life

in her hand there is no sword, yet ventures into strife

dekha ‘asad’ ko khalvat-o-jalvat men bar-ha

divana gar nahin hai to hushyar bhi nahin

have often seen Asad alone and then publicly

if crazy he is not then neither rational is he

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