dekhna Qismat Ki Aap Apne Pe Rashk Aa Jae Hai

dekhna qismat ki aap apne pe rashk aa jaae hai

main use dekhun bhala kab mujh se dekha jaae hai

just see my fate, that of myself, how envious I be

that even I may look at her, when can I bear to see

haath dho dil se yahi garmi gar andeshe men hai

abgina tundi-e-sahba se pighla jaae hai

write off your heart if there within heat of suspicion be

the crystal flask will melt due to the wine’s strong potency

ghair ko ya rab vo kyunkar mana-e-gustakhi kare

gar haya bhi us ko aati hai to sharma jaae hai

my rival, how can she restrain, from taking liberty

as when she gets abashed she is, struck by timidity

shauq ko ye lat ki har dam naala khinche jaiye

dil ki vo halat ki dam lene se ghabra jaae hai

desires are addicted to sighing with each intake

but at the thought of drawing breath my heart begins to quake

duur chashm-e-bad tiri bazm-e-tarab se vaah vaah

naghma ho jaata hai vaan gar naala mera jaae hai

far, may the evil eye be from your joy-filled company

for, when my plaintive cry goes there, becomes a melody

garche hai tarz-e-taghaful parda-dar-e-raz-e-ishq

par ham aise khoe jaate hain ki vo pa jaae hai

forgetfulness might serve to screen, secrets of love somehow

but I get lost in such a way, that she then gets to know

us ki bazm-araiyan sun kar dil-e-ranjur yaan

misl-e-naqsh-e-muddaa-e-ghair baitha jaae hai

news of her gilded gathering, here makes this mourful heart

sink, just the way, into her heart, as sinks my rival’s dart

ho ke ashiq vo pari-rukh aur nazuk ban gaya

rang khulta jaae hai jitna ki udta jaae hai

herself in love, the fairy face, more delicate does seem

the more her colour drains more so, does her complexion gleam

naqsh ko us ke musavvir par bhi kya kya naaz hain

khinchta hai jis qadar utna hi khinchta jaae hai

whay games of coyness does her painting with the painter play

as much as he attemtps to draw, it draws further away

saaya mera mujh se misl-e-dud bhage hai ‘asad’

paas mujh atish-ba-jan ke kis se thahra jaae hai

from me my shadow just like smoke, seems now to fly away

for near a flaming soul as me, who could then bear to stay

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