dard Minnat-Kash-E-dawa Na Hua

dard minnat-kash-e-dava na hua

main na achchha hua bura na hua

my pain did not seek favors from any opiate

I don’t mind the fact that I did not recuperate

jama karte ho kyuun raqibon ko

ik tamasha hua gila na hua

you collect my enemies, why in this manner? pray

a spectacle this is and not the way to remonstrate

ham kahan qismat azmane jaaen

tu hi jab khanjar-azma na hua

even you refuse to test the sharpness of the blade

say where else do I then go, now for to test my fate

kitne shirin hain tere lab ki raqib

galiyan kha ke be-maza na hua

how sweet are your honeyed lips, that even though my foe

was abused by you, is not, in an unhappy state

hai khabar garm un ke aane ki

aaj hi ghar men boriya na hua

the news of her arrival, I hear at such a time

when my home is to be found unfurnished, desolate

kya vo namrud ki khudai thi

bandagi men mira bhala na hua

what divinity was it that Nimrod once proclaimed?

Worship was no use to me, it did not compensate

jaan di di hui usi ki thi

haq to yuun hai ki haq ada na hua

though I gave my life for Him, ’twas His in any case

to speak the truth I couldn’t repay my dues to Him to date

zakhm gar dab gaya lahu na thama

kaam gar ruk gaya rava na hua

if a wound is smothered then, blood’s flow will not be stemmed

if a task is stopped half-way, it does not consummate

rahzani hai ki dil-sitani hai

le ke dil dil-sitan ravana hua

this is highway robbery this stealing of my heart

takes my heart and flees forthwith she doen’t even wait

kuchh to padhiye ki log kahte hain

aaj ‘ghalib’ ghazal-sara na hua

do render a recitation, people start to say

why is Ghalib silent pray why does he not orate

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