Be-Etidaliyon Se Subuk Sab Mein Hum Hue

be-e’tidaliyon se subuk sab men ham hue

jitne ziyada ho gae utne hi kam hue

intemperance reduced my stature midst of company

the more excess I perpetrated, less I seemed to be

pinhan tha daam sakht qarib ashiyan ke

udne na paae the ki giraftar ham hue

the net was laid concealed so very close there to my nest

not even had started to fly that came under arrest

hasti hamari apni fana par dalil hai

yaan tak mite ki aap ham apni qasam hue

my own life is a testament to my mortality

to this extent was I erased, myself I swear on me

sakhti kashan-e-ishq ki puchhe hai kya khabar

vo log rafta rafta sarapa alam hue

what do you ask of people those, that in love hardships bear

they, by degrees from head to toe, as grief themselves appear

teri vafa se kya ho talafi ki dahr men

tere siva bhi ham pe bahut se sitam hue

me, in this world, your constancy, what compense can provide

for, on me, many cruelties are present, yours aside

likhte rahe junun ki hikayat-e-khun-chakan

har-chand is men haath hamare qalam hue

I kept on writing bleeding tales of madness undeterred

even though in this exercise my hands were then severed

allah re teri tundi-e-khu jis ke biim se

ajza-e-nala dil men mire rizq-e-ham hue

O lord your fierceness is such, that in it’s very dread

ingredients of heart’s complaints, upon themselves all fed

ahl-e-havas ki fath hai tark-e-nabard-e-ishq

jo paanv uth gae vahi un ke alam hue

in giving up the war of love, is lover’s victory

because those feet that turn away, their standards seem to be

naale adam men chand hamare supurd the

jo vaan na khinch sake so vo yaan aa ke dam hue

a few plaints were entrusted me, ere time of life and death

those there I couldn’t draw upon, I draw them here as breath

chhodi ‘asad’ na ham ne gadai men dil-lagi

saail hue to ashiq-e-ahl-e-karam hue

Asad romance could not forswear, e’en when a mendicant

began loving the generous ones, when turned a supplicant

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