Bazicha-E-Atfal Hai duniya Mere Aage

bazicha-e-atfal hai duniya mire aage

hota hai shab-o-roz tamasha mire aage

just like a child’s playground this world appears to me

every single night and day, this spectacle I see

ik khel hai aurang-e-sulaiman mire nazdik

ik baat hai ejaz-e-masiha mire aage

the throne of mighty Solomon’s a trifle merely

the Messiah’s miracle’s just another thing to me

juz naam nahin surat-e-alam mujhe manzur

juz vahm nahin hasti-e-ashiya mire aage

except in name the world exists, I do not agree

and objects of this life cannot but a delusion be

hota hai nihan gard men sahra mire hote

ghista hai jabin khaak pe dariya mire aage

deserts are interned in sand in my presence see

rivers rub their foreheads in dust in front of me

mat puchh ki kya haal hai mera tire pichhe

tu dekh ki kya rang hai tera mire aage

ask not, in your absence, what my state is apt to be

you see your own condition when you’re in front of me

sach kahte ho khud-bin o khud-ara huun na kyuun huun

baitha hai but-e-aina-sima mire aage

’tis true I preen, why should I not, self indulgently?

when the beauty, mirror-faced, sits in front of me

phir dekhiye andaz-e-gul-afshani-e-guftar

rakh de koi paimana-e-sahba mire aage

only then, my eloquence, will you chance to see

let first a cup of wine be placed there in front of me

nafrat ka guman guzre hai main rashk se guzra

kyunkar kahun lo naam na un ka mire aage

I refrain from envy lest it’s deemed antipathy

how can I ask anyone “don’t speak of her to me”?

iman mujhe roke hai jo khinche hai mujhe kufr

kaaba mire pichhe hai kalisa mire aage

faith restrains me while I am tugged at by heresy

behind me stands the mosque, the church in front of me

ashiq huun pa mashuq-farebi hai mira kaam

majnun ko bura kahti hai laila mire aage

though a lover I seduce my loved ones craftily

Laila speaks ill of Majnuu.n when in front of me

khush hote hain par vasl men yuun mar nahin jaate

aai shab-e-hijran ki tamanna mire aage

although in union happy you don’t die of ecstacy

the wish for night of separation comes in front of me

hai maujzan ik qulzum-e-khun kaash yahi ho

aata hai abhi dekhiye kya kya mire aage

if only did this ocean of blood rage relentlessly

what else lies in store for me I have yet to see

go haath ko jumbish nahin ankhon men to dam hai

rahne do abhi saghar-o-mina mire aage

let the cup and flask of wine remain in front of me

though my hands are motionless, my eyes as yet can see

ham-pesha o ham-mashrab o hamraz hai mera

‘ghalib’ ko bura kyuun kaho achchha mire aage

colleague, coimbiber and my confidante is he

tell me why you criticize Ghalib in front of me

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