Baat Karni Mujhe Mushkil Kabhi Aisi To Na Thi

baat karni mujhe mushkil kabhi aisi to na thi

jaisi ab hai tiri mahfil kabhi aisi to na thi

conversing has never been so diffficult for me

your company now is no more as it used to be

le gaya chhin ke kaun aaj tira sabr o qarar

be-qarari tujhe ai dil kabhi aisi to na thi

who is it that’s spirited your peace and calm away

O heart you never were perturbed as you are today

us ki ankhon ne khuda jaane kiya kya jaadu

ki tabiat miri maail kabhi aisi to na thi

Lord knows what enchantment her eyes have cast on me

never was my temperament inclined to this degree

aks-e-rukhsar ne kis ke hai tujhe chamkaya

taab tujh men mah-e-kamil kabhi aisi to na thi

reflection of whose face is it that causes you to glow?

O full moon, you’ve never shone this brightly before

ab ki jo rah-e-mohabbat men uthai taklif

sakht hoti hamen manzil kabhi aisi to na thi



pa-e-kuban koi zindan men naya hai majnun

aati avaz-e-salasil kabhi aisi to na thi

in jail some lover, newly crazed, is stomping all around

never did the clamour of the chains produce this sound

nigah-e-yar ko ab kyuun hai taghaful ai dil

vo tire haal se ghafil kabhi aisi to na thi

O heart why is my loved one’s glance neglectful today?

unmindful of your state, it has never been this way

chashm-e-qatil miri dushman thi hamesha lekin

jaisi ab ho gai qatil kabhi aisi to na thi



kya sabab tu jo bigadta hai ‘zafar’ se har baar

khu tiri hur-shamail kabhi aisi to na thi

what reason zafar’s every act you do now deplore

houri-face! your nature never was like this before

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