Ab Ke Hum Bichhde To Shayad Kabhi Khwabon Mein Milen

ab ke ham bichhde to shayad kabhi khvabon men milen

jis tarah sukhe hue phuul kitabon men milen

should we now be parted, in dreams we might be found

like dried flowers found in books, fragile, fraying browned

dhundh ujde hue logon men vafa ke moti

ye khazane tujhe mumkin hai kharabon men milen

seek ye pearls of faithfulness in those lost and drowned

it well could be these treasures in wastelands do abound

gham-e-duniya bhi gham-e-yar men shamil kar lo

nashsha badhta hai sharaben jo sharabon men milen

let love’s longing with the ache of existence compound

when spirits intermingle the euphoria is profound

tu khuda hai na mira ishq farishton jaisa

donon insan hain to kyuun itne hijabon men milen

neither are not god nor is my love divine, profound

if human both then why does this secrecy surround

aaj ham daar pe khinche gae jin baton par

kya ajab kal vo zamane ko nisabon men milen

the acts for which today I’ve been crucified around

if prescribed tomorrow, then why should it astound

ab na vo main na vo tu hai na vo maazi hai ‘faraz’

jaise do shakhs tamanna ke sarabon men milen

i am not the same, nor you, our past’s no more around

like two shadows in the mists of longing to be found

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