Wo Ajib Shakhs Tha Bhid Mein Jo Nazar Mein Aise Utar Gaya

vo ajiib shakhs tha bhiid men jo nazar men aise utar gaya

jise dekh kar mire hont par mira apna sher thahar gaya

He was a strange man who caught my eye in the crowd

Seeing him, the sher that was on my lips got stilled

kai sher us ki nigah se mire rukh pe aa ke ghazal bane

vo nirala tarz-e-payam tha jo sukhan ki had se guzar gaya

travelling from his eyes to my face many shers became ghazal

this unique way of sending messages crossed the bounds of poetry

vo har ek lafz men chand tha vo har ek harf men nuur tha

vo chamakte misron ka aks tha jo ghazal men khud hi sanvar gaya

In every word a moon, in every letter an illumination

His reflection of radiant lines bedecked the ghazal on its own

jo likhun to nok-e-qalam pe vo jo padhun to nok-e-zaban pe vo

mira zauq bhi mira shauq bhi mire saath saath nikhar gaya

He is on the nib of my pen when I write, on the tip of my tongue when I read

My interests and my passions too have flowered along with me

ho tadap to dil men ghazal bane ho milan to giit huun pyaar ke

haan ajiib shakhs tha ‘indira’ jo sikha ke aise hunar gaya

the ghazal is wrought in the heart’s agony, union brings songs of love

He was a strange man Indira, who taught me these strange skills

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