Mujhe Rang de Na Surur de Mere dil Mein Khud Ko Utar de

mujhe rang de na surur de mire dil men khud ko utaar de

mire lafz saare mahak uthen mujhe aisi koi bahar de

Give me neither colour nor intoxication, come into my heart instead

Grant me a spring that will cause all my words to be filled with perfume

mujhe dhuup men tu qarib kar mujhe saaya apna nasib kar

miri nikhaton ko uruuj de mujhe phuul jaisa vaqar de

Save me from the sun, keep me under your sheltering being

Bring my fragrances to their summit, give me the honour of flowers

miri bikhri halat-e-zar hai na to chain hai na qarar hai

mujhe lams apna navaz ke mire jism o jaan ko nikhar de

I am in a state of scattered disarray, knowing neither rest nor respite

Give me your touch, purify my body and soul

tiri raah kitni tavil hai miri ziist kitni qalil hai

mira vaqt tera asiir hai mujhe lamha lamha sanvar de

the road to you is long, but my life is short

My time is your captive, adorn me moment-by-moment

mire dil ki duniya udaas hai na to hosh hai na havas hai

mire dil men aa ke thahar kabhi mire saath umr guzar de

the word of my heart is sad, I have lost all my senses

Come stop in my heart and spend the rest of your days with me

miri niind munis-e-khvab kar miri rat-jagon ka hisab kar

mire naam fasl-e-gulab kar kabhi aisa mujh ko bhi pyaar de

Make my sleep the friend of dreams, count my nights of wakefulness

Bequest the harvest of roses to me, give me such a love too

shab-e-gham andheri hai kis qadar karun kaise subh ka main safar

mire chand aa miri le khabar mujhe raushni ka hisar de

the night of sorrows is so dark, how shall I journey to the morning

O my moon, come take news of me and bring me into the circle of light

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