Maza Tha Hum Ko Jo Laila Se du-Ba-du Karte

maza tha ham ko jo laila se du-ba-du karte

ki gul tumhari baharon men aarzu karte

would be a joy if you were there face to face with me

then flowers would, in springtime, seek you longingly

maze jo maut ke ashiq bayan kabhu karte

masih o khizr bhi marne ki aarzu karte

if the joys of death in love, paramours narrate

Jesus and Khizr too will for death eagerly wait

gharaz thi kya tire tiron ko ab-e-paikan se

magar ziyarat-e-dil kyuun ki be-vazu karte

lustre from the arrow’s gleam your glances did not need

but how could they enter my heart ’til they were cleansed indeed

ajab na tha ki zamane ke inqilab se ham

tayammum aab se aur khaak se vazu karte

the tumult of this world’s affairs, how could I escape

with sand ablution I perform, my hands with water scrape

agar ye jante chun chun ke ham ko todenge

to gul kabhi na tamanna-e-rang-o-bu karte

if they had ever known they would, one by one, be rent

flowers would have never wished for colour or for scent

samajh ye dar-o-rasan tar-o-sozan ai mansur

ki chak-e-parda haqiqat ka hain rafu karte

mansuur, think the scaffold, noose, as needle,thread forsooth

there to darn the tear within the veil of eternal truth

yaqin hai subh-e-qayamat ko bhi subuhuhi-kash

uthenge khvab se saaqi subu subu karte

I am sure carousers would,on morn of judgement day

rouse from dreams crying out “more! more wine for me I say”

na rahti yusuf-e-kanan ki garmi-e-bazar

muqable men jo ham tujh ko ru-ba-ru karte

in a bidding war for Yuusuf fervor wouldn’t be there

if I had put you next to him for buyers to compare

chaman bhi dekhte gulzar-e-arzu ki bahar

tumhari bad-e-bahari men aarzu karte

the bloom of my desire’s grove if gardens ever view

in springtime’s breeze they all would, start to yearn for you

suragh umr-e-guzishta ka kijiye gar ‘zauq’

tamam umr guzar jaae justuju karte

zauq if one did search for clues of times that went before

all one’s life would be spent seeking them once more

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