Mar Gae Hain Jo Hijr-E-Yar Mein Hum

mar gae hain jo hijr-e-yar men ham

sakht betab hain mazar men ham

oppressed, in parting from my love, I died

so restless in my grave I now reside

ta dil-e-kina-var men paaen jagah

khaak ho kar mile ghubar men ham

to find place in her heart full of mistrust

I grind myself into misgiving’s dust

vo to sau baar ikhtiyar men aae

par nahin apne ikhtiyar men ham

a hundred times, she came within my clasp,

but self-consumed, myself I couldn’t grasp

kab hue khar-e-rah-e-ghair bhala

kyuun khatakte hain chashm-e-yar men ham

when, in my rival’s path, a thorn was I?

why do I irritate my loved one’s eye?

ku-e-dushman men ho gae pamal

amad-o-raft-e-bar-bar men ham

I was trampled in my rival’s lane

by her visits there time and again

naash par to khuda ke vaste aa

mar gae tere intizar men ham

for heaven’s sake, my funeral attend

I have died waiting right to the end

gar nahin ‘shefta’ khayal-e-firaq

kyuun tadapte hain vasl-e-yar men ham

if it’s not fear of parting, sheftaa, that I face

why do I writhe restlessly in my lover’s embrace?

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