Lai Hayat Aae Qaza Le Chali Chale

laai hayat aae qaza le chali chale

apni khushi na aae na apni khushi chale

I came as life had brought me, as death takes me I go

I came not of my own accord nor willingly I go

ho umr-e-khizr bhi to ho maalum vaqt-e-marg

ham kya rahe yahan abhi aae abhi chale

Had I lived as long as Khizr, then dying I would say

where did I stay long enough, I came and went away

ham se bhi is bisat pe kam honge bad-qimar

jo chaal ham chale so nihayat buri chale

on this chequered board would be few novices like me

all the moves that I have made were hopeless surely

behtar to hai yahi ki na duniya se dil lage

par kya karen jo kaam na be-dil-lagi chale

it’s better if the heart is not enmeshed in life, it’s true

what’s to be done if without being attached one cannot do?

laila ka naaqa dasht men tasir-e-ishq se

sun kar fughan-e-qais baja-e-hudi chale

in the desert Laila’s camel does its zeal display

Hearing Qais’s plaintive cry it ventures forth that way

nazan na ho khirad pe jo hona hai ho vahi

danish tiri na kuchh miri danish-vari chale

what’s got to happen, will, don’t pride in your intellect

your wisdom or my wisdom here, will be of no effect

duniya ne kis ka rah-e-fana men diya hai saath

tum bhi chale chalo yunhi jab tak chali chale

jaate hava-e-shauq men hain is chaman se ‘zauq’

apni bala se bad-e-saba ab kabhi chale

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