Khatir Se Ya Lihaz Se Main Man To Gaya

khatir se ya lihaz se main maan to gaya

jhuti qasam se aap ka iman to gaya

for reasons of formality, I’ve chosen to believe

you have surely lost your faith when you so deceive

dil le ke muft kahte hain kuchh kaam ka nahin

ulti shikayaten huiin ehsan to gaya

she takes my heart for free and yet holds it in disdain

far from showing gratitude, she ventures to complain

darta huun dekh kar dil-e-be-arzu ko main

sunsan ghar ye kyuun na ho mehman to gaya

I’m fearful when I see this heart so hopeless and forlorn

why shouldn’t this home be desolate, as the guest has gone

kya aae rahat aai jo kunj-e-mazar men

vo valvala vo shauq vo arman to gaya

what solace then, if now she comes to my grave to grieve

that fervour, ardour, all are gone and hope has taken leave

dekha hai but-kade men jo ai shaikh kuchh na puchh

iman ki to ye hai ki iman to gaya

ask not o priest what, in the house of idols, did I see

I have lost my faith for sure, I can vouch faithfully

ifsha-e-raz-e-ishq men go zillaten huiin

lekin use jata to diya jaan to gaya

I was roundly scorned when love’s secrets I did air,

at least I managed to express and she is now aware

go nama-bar se khush na hua par hazar shukr

mujh ko vo mere naam se pahchan to gaya

though the messenger displeased her, this much gratifies

at mention of my name she did not fail to recognize

bazm-e-adu men surat-e-parvana dil mira

go rashk se jala tire qurban to gaya

in my rival’s company, just like a moth, it’s true

my heart burnt up in envy, though, ’twas in tribute to you

hosh o havas o taab o tavan ‘dagh’ ja chuke

ab ham bhi jaane vaale hain saman to gaya

consciousness and sanity, zeal, power are no more

it’s time for me to go as well, my goods have gone before

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