Hans Ke Farmate Hain Wo dekh Ke Haalat Meri

hans ke farmate hain vo dekh ke halat meri

kyuun tum asan samajhte the mohabbat meri

seeing my condition, she laughs and asks of me

“Easy did you then imagine, loving me would be?”

baad marne ke bhi chhodi na rifaqat meri

meri turbat se lagi baithi hai hasrat meri

long even after death my love for her remains with me

my longing stays back clinging to my grave expectantly

main ne aghosh-e-tasavvur men bhi khencha to kaha

pis gai pis gai bedard nazakat meri

tho even in my thoughts when I embraced her lovingly

she complained “you beast – you do bruise me brutally!”

aina subh-e-shab-e-vasl jo dekha to kaha

dekh zalim ye thi shaam ko surat meri

when morn, after a night of bliss,the mirror she did see

said “brute look at my state, tis now beyond propriety”

yaar pahlu men hai tanhai hai kah do nikle

aaj kyuun dil men chhupi baithi hai hasrat meri

bid them to emerge, for she sits close right next to me

why in my heart do my desires hide so bashfully

husn aur ishq ham-aghosh nazar aa jaate

teri tasvir men khinch jaati jo hairat meri

the lover and beloved would entwined appear to be

if in your picture could be drawn my wonder there to see

kis dhitai se vo dil chhin ke kahte hain ‘amir’

vo mira ghar hai rahe jis men mohabbat meri

tugging at my heart with force she says this stubbornly

“the house wherein my love resides, is now my property”

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