Gesu-E-Tabdar Ko Aur Bhi Tabdar Kar

gesu-e-tabdar ko aur bhi tabdar kar

hosh o khirad shikar kar qalb o nazar shikar kar

Your lustrous tresses my dear Lord further illuminate

the power of my senses, heart and consciousness negate

ishq bhi ho hijab men husn bhi ho hijab men

ya to khud ashkar ho ya mujhe ashkar kar

Love too is now clandestine, and beauty too is veiled

You, either should reveal me or, should come in open state

tu hai muhit-e-be-karan main huun zara si aabju

ya mujhe ham-kanar kar ya mujhe be-kanar kar

You are a mighty ocean, I, a droplet of no size

Either make me, too, immense or then assimilate

main huun sadaf to tere haath mere guhar ki aabru

main huun khazaf to tu mujhe gauhar-e-shahvar kar

If I an oyster be, my pearl’s dignity’s with thee

A pearl of regal lustre, if a grain of sand, create

naghma-e-nau-bahar agar mere nasib men na ho

us dam-e-nim-soz ko tairak-e-bahar kar

turn this fleeting moment to a day of joyous spring

If melodies of spring are not ordained to be my fate

bagh-e-bahisht se mujhe hukm-e-safar diya tha kyuun

kar-e-jahan daraz hai ab mira intizar kar

Why did you bid me leave from paradise for now

My work is yet unfinished here so you wil have to wait

roz-e-hisab jab mira pesh ho daftar-e-amal

aap bhi sharmsar ho mujh ko bhi sharmsar kar

On the day of reckoning when, you behold my slate

You will shame me and yourself you will humiliate

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