Aaj Phir Chand Usne Manga Hai

aaj phir chand us ne manga hai

chand ka daagh phir chhupana hai

Once again he has asked for the moon

the scar in the moon must again be hidden

chand ka husn to hai la-sani

phir bhi kitna falak pe tanha hai

the beauty of the moon is without compare

Yet it is so lonesome in the skies

kaash kuchh aur mangta mujh se

chand khud gardishon ka maara hai

If only you had asked me for something else

the moon is caught in its own turmoil

duur hai chand is zamin se bahut

phir bhi har shab tavaf karta hai

the moon is far, far away from this world

Yet every night it is spinning around in circles

bastiyon se nikal ke sahra men

justuju kis ki roz karta hai

Coming out of the neighbourhoods to go into the wilderness

In whose search does he go night agter night

kis khata ki saza mili us ko

kis liye roz ghatta badhta hai

For what fault is he being so punished

that he must wax and wane every night

chand se ye zamin nahin tanha

ai falak tu bhi jagmagaya hai

the earth is not the only one

the sky too is lit by the moon

aaj taron ki bazm chamki hai

chand par badalon ka saaya hai

the cluster of stars is resplendent today

the moon is covered by the shadow of the clouds

raushni phuut nikli misron se

chand ko jab ghazal men socha hai

Rediance burst out of my verses

When I potray the moon in my ghazals

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