Ye Mausam Surmai Hai Aur Main Hun

ye mausam surmai hai aur main huun

magar bas khamushi hai aur main huun

there is the surmai weather, and there’s me

But there is only silence, and there’s me

na jaane kab vo badle rukh idhar ko

musalsal be-rukhi hai aur main huun

Who knows when he will turn this way

there is unending indifference and there’s me

taghaful par taghaful ho rahe hain

kisi ki dil-lagi hai aur main huun

Neglect is being heaped upon neglect

there’s someone’s pastime, and there’s me

tasavvur hi sahara ban gaya hai

ajab tanhai si hai aur main huun

Imagination has become the sole support

there is a strange solitude, and there’s me

ye kaisi vaqt ne badli hai karvat

fareb-e-zindagi hai aur main huun

How time has changed with the tide

there is the deceit of Life, and there’s me

labon pe naam chehra hai nazar men

badi nazuk ghadi hai aur main huun

A name on my lips, a face before my eyes

there’s a tremulous moment and there’s me

udasi ‘indira’ itni badhi hai

hamesha shairi hai aur main huun

Sorrow has risen to such a crescendo, Indira

there’s forever my poetry and there’s me

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