Thani Thi dil Mein Ab Na Milenge Kisi Se Hum

thani thi dil men ab na milenge kisi se ham

par kya karen ki ho gae na-char ji se ham

I had resolved to meet no one ever again

my heart made me helpless and I could not refrain

hanste jo dekhte hain kisi ko kisi se ham

munh dekh dekh rote hain kis bekasi se ham

when I see people laugh amongst themselves I stare

at their faces and shed tears in utter despair

ham se na bolo tum ise kya kahte hain bhala

insaf kiije puchhte hain aap hi se ham

whatever it be called, you do not have to say

I ask you for justice that’s merely all I pray

be-zar jaan se jo na hote to mangte

shahid shikayaton pe tiri muddai se ham

if I were not disgusted with life I would have sought

My rival to bear witness against the plaints you brought

us ku men ja marenge madad ai hujum-e-shauq

aaj aur zor karte hain be-taqati se ham

O throng of my desires help me, in her street, to die

however weak my efforts be now harder I will try

sahab ne is ghulam ko azad kar diya

lo bandagi ki chhut gae bandagi se ham

the master has now freed me from the yoke of slavery

see my worship that from bondage I have been set free

be-roe misl-e-abr na nikla ghubar-e-dil

kahte the un ko barq-e-tabassum hansi se ham

till I cried like clouds, my heart’s delusions were all there

Flippantly, her smile to lightning, I used to compare

in na-tavaniyon pe bhi the khar-e-rah-e-ghair

kyuun kar nikale jaate na us ki gali se ham

tho frail and weak, a thorn was I in my rival’s way

why would I, then from her path, not be cast away

kya gul khilega dekhiye hai fasl-e-gul to duur

aur su-e-dasht bhagte hain kuchh abhi se ham

wait and see what happens, spring is not yet near

towards wilderness I flee, this early in the year

munh dekhne se pahle bhi kis din vo saaf tha

be-vajh kyuun ghubar rakhen aarsi se ham

even ere my face I saw, when was it spotless, clean?

why should then a grudge we bear, against the mirror’s sheen?

hai chhed ikhtilat bhi ghairon ke samne

hansne ke badle roen na kyuun gudgudi se ham

her dalliance with my rival vexes me so deep

when tickled, ‘stead of laughing, why should I not weep

vahshat hai ishq-e-parda-nashin men dam-e-buka

munh dhankte hain parda-e-chashm-e-pari se ham



kya dil ko le gaya koi begana-ashna

kyuun apne ji ko lagte hain kuchh ajnabi se ham

has my heart been taken by a stranger tell me pray

Why then am I a stranger to myself today?

le naam aarzu ka to dil ko nikal len

‘momin’ na hon jo rabt rakhen bidati se ham

if it even mentions hope the heart I will deface

I’m not a true adherent if new tenets I embrace

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