Tere Khayal Ka Charcha Tere Khayal Ki Baat

tire khayal ka charcha tire khayal ki baat

shab-e-firaq men paiham rahi visal ki baat

thinking of you, talking about thoughts about you,

the Night of Separation is seamless with the talk of union

tum apni charagari ko na phir karo rusva

hamare haal pe chhodo hamare haal ki baat

don’t bring shame to your powers of healing

Leave it to us to deal with our own state

kaman si abru ka aalam ajiib hai dekho

falak ke chand se behtar hai us hilal ki baat

See, the brow like an arched bow is an amazing sight

Its luminosity is greater than the new moon in the skies

yahi fasana raha hai junun ke sahra men

kabhi firaq ke qisse kabhi visal ki baat

It has always been so in the desert of mad longing

sometimes the legends of partings, sometimes the talk of meeting

bahar aai to khul kar kaha hai phulon ne

ye kis ne chhed di gulshan men phir jamal ki baat

With the coming of spring, flowers have burst into speech

Who has again spread this tale of beauty in the garden

tu apne aap men tanha hai meri nazron men

kahan se dhund ke laun tire misal ki baat

You alone are the only one in my eyes

Where shall I find another one like you

bina talab ke ata kar raha hai vo mujh ko

labon pe mere na aae kabhi saval ki baat

Wiithout asking, he grants me gifts

Never should a request ever arise on my lips

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