Shikasta-dil Andheri Shab Akela Rahbar Kyun Ho

shikasta-dil andheri shab akela rahbar kyuun ho

na ho jab ham-safar koi to apna bhi safar kyuun ho

Broken herted, why is the traveler alone in the dark night

When there is no one to walk beside, why am I on this journey

kisi ki yaad men aansu ka rishta is tarah rakkho

ki dil pahlu agar badle to chehra tar-ba-tar kyuun ho

In someone’s memory, keep the ties with tgears in such a way

that if the heart were to change sides, why should the face be drenched

mire hamdam mire dilbar zara itna bata dena

koi bedard ho to dard dil men is qadar kyuun ho

My friend, my dear friend, tell me this much at least

Why does the heart ache so much for one cruel

kabhi bhule se jo paigham un ka aaya bhi ik din

judai ki tadap men roz aisa hi asar kyuun ho

If perchance his message were to reach me someday

Why should the torment of separation be the same every day

nashsha ankhon men le kar so raho ai jagne vaalo

agar ye aankh khul jaae to khvabon ka guzar kyuun ho

You who remain wakeful sleep with intoxication in your eyes

If your eyes were to open, what would happen to their dreams

pareshan raat men dil hai charagh-e-as ki manind

shab-e-vada na aae vo to raushan si sahar kyuun ho

In the fretful night, the heart is like the lamp of hope

If he doesn’t come on the promised night, why should the dawn be so bright

musalsal raat din chalna hai rah-e-ishq men tanha

kisi ke vaste ye raah akhir mukhtasar kyuun ho

One must walk alone all night and all day on the path of love

Why should the rout be shortened for the sake of someone

mohabbat men suna hai raah dil ki dil se hoti hai

agar yuun ‘indira’ tadpe to janan be-khabar kyuun ho

I have it said that in love, hearts are on the same track

then why is the beloved ignorant when Indira tosses in agony

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