Kash Wo Pahli Mohabbat Ke Zamane Aate

kaash vo pahli mohabbat ke zamane aate

chand se log mira chand sajane aate

If only those day of first love could come once again

People like the moon would come to adorn my moon

raqs karti hui phir bad-e-baharan aati

phuul le kar vo mujhe khud hi bulane aate

Spring breezes would come dancing and prancing

they would themselves come bearing flowers to call me

un ki tahrir men alfaz vahi sab hote

yuun bhi hota ki kabhi khat bhi purane aate

the words would remain the same in their writings

Could it be that old letters too would come again

un ke hathon men kabhi pyaar ka parcham hota

mere ruthe hue jazbat manane aate

Sometimes the pennant of love would be held in their hands

And they would come to soothe my ruffled emotions

barishon men vo dhanak aisi nikalti ab ke

jis se mausam men vahi rang suhane aate

In the rains this year there will be a rainbow that will

Bring back those pleasing colours once again

vo baharon ka saman aur vo gul-posh chaman

aise mahaul men vo dil hi dukhane aate

the seasons of spring and the flower-clad garden is here once again

If they could come at such a time, even if it is to wound my heart

har taraf dekh rahe hain mire ham-umr khayal

raah takti hui ankhon ko sulane aate

they look all about, my thoughts who are my contemporaries

If only they could come to put to sleep these eyes that lie in wait

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