Kam-Fahm Hain To Kam Hain Pareshaniyon Mein Hum

kam-fahm hain to kam hain pareshaniyon men ham

danaiyon se achchhe hain nadaniyon men ham

in my lack of knowledge, less troubles bother me

much better than being wise has been behaving foolishly

shayad raqib duub maren bahr-e-sharm men

dubenge mauj-e-ashk ki tughyaniyon men ham

it could be in a sea of shame my rival will be drowned

I, sunken in the stormy waves of envy will be found

mohtaj-e-faiz-e-namiya kyuun hote is qadar

karte jo soch kuchh jigar-afshaniyon men ham

why then beholden to the grace of life-force, would I be

if scattering my heart around, I’d acted thoughtfully

pahunchai ham ne mashq yahan tak ki ho gae

ustad-e-andalib nava-khvaniyon men ham

this practice I have taken to such heights that I can claim

to have surpassed the nightingale and put all bards to shame

ghairon ke saath aap bhi uthte hain bazm se

lo mezban ban gae mehmaniyon men ham

when with my rivals you too rise to leave the company

Instead of being among the guests, the host I’m held to be

jin jin ke tu mazar se guzra vo ji uthe

baaqi rahe hain ek tire faniyon men ham

whoever’s grave you ventured past, a new life did obtain

of all who perished in your love, alone do I remain

gustakhiyon se ghair ki un ko malal hai

mashhur hote kaash adab-daniyon men ham

my rival’s actions coarse and crude so hurtful did she find

if only I was famous for being cultured and refined

dekha jo zulf-e-yar ko taskin ho gai

yak-chand muztarib the pareshaniyon men ham

when her tresses I beheld, peace only then I found

I was restless until now as troubles did surround

ankhon se yuun ishara-e-dushman na dekhte

hote na is qadar jo nigahbaniyon men ham

signals my rival made to her I never would have seen

if amongst her sentinels, like this, I had not been

jo jaan kho ke paaen to fauz-e-azim hai

vo chiiz dhundte hain tan-asaniyon men ham

a prize is truly worthy if obtained at cost of life

we seek for things which we can get without a hint of strife

pir-e-mughan ke faiz-e-tavajjoh se ‘shefta’

aksar sharab piite hain ruhaniyon men ham

sheftaa, the tavern’s elder casts his favors, grace on me

I often get the chance to drink in pious company

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