dost Gham-Khwari Mein Meri Sai Farmawenge Kya

dost gham-khvari men meri sai farmavenge kya

zakhm ke bharte talak nakhun na badh javenge kya

What use would be my friends to me if sympathy they’d shown

By the time these wounds do heal wont my nails have grown

be-niyazi had se guzri banda-parvar kab talak

ham kahenge hal-e-dil aur aap farmavenge kya

All bounds, your callousness exceeds, do tell me until when

My feelings I keep pouring out, your asking me “what then?”

hazrat-e-naseh gar aaven diida o dil farsh-e-rah

koi mujh ko ye to samjha do ki samajhavenge kya

If the preacher comes to me, I’ll welcome him again

But someone should explain to me what will he explain

aaj vaan tegh o kafan bandhe hue jaata huun main

uzr mere qatl karne men vo ab lavenge kya

I will go with sword and coffin to her place today

What excuse, will she now find, my killing to delay

gar kiya naseh ne ham ko qaid achchha yuun sahi

ye junun-e-ishq ke andaz chhut javenge kya

If my advisors tie me down tis well but do tell me

From my love crazed actions ever will I be set free?

khana-zad-e-zulf hain zanjir se bhagenge kyuun

hain giraftar-e-vafa zindan se ghabaravenge kya

Lin her curls, I am entwined, from chains why will I flee

For as I am love’s prisoner, prisons don’t frighten me

hai ab is mamure men qaht-e-gham-e-ulfat ‘asad’

ham ne ye maana ki dilli men rahen khavenge kya

In this city there’s a famine of love’s aches today

What will I survive on if in dilli I now stay?

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