Mohabbat Mein Aaya Hai Tanha Abhi Rang

mohabbat men aaya hai tanha abhi rang

badalne lagi hai magar zindagi rang

So far life has shown only one color of love

Yet life is beginning to change its colours

baharon ke anchal men khush-bu chhupi hai

gulon ki qaba men bhare hain sabhi rang

the fragrance swings in the apron of spring

the raiments of flowers are filled with all the colours

tumhare bina sab adhure hain janan

saba phuul khush-bu chaman raushni rang

My dearest, without you everything is incomplete

the morning breeze, flowers, fragrances, garden, light, colours

jo bhule se bachpan men pakdi thi titli

surur-e-vafa men bhi utra vahi rang

Once a childhood, when I mistakenly caught a butterfly

I found its colour seeped in the heady brew of loyalty

na jaane kahan se barasti hai barish

sajati hai tere agar dilbari rang

No one knows where the rain falls from

Whenever my love begins to paint you

mile ‘indira’ mera paigham un ko

liye hai mukammal miri shairi rang

May they receive this message, hopes Indira

My poetry has now attained its fullest glory

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