Ku-Ba-Ku Phail Gai Baat Shanasai Ki

ku-ba-ku phail gai baat shanasai ki

us ne khushbu ki tarah meri pazirai ki

the news of our affinity has spread to every door

He welcomed me like fragrance which he did adore

kaise kah duun ki mujhe chhod diya hai us ne

baat to sach hai magar baat hai rusvai ki

How can I say that I have been deserted by my beau

Its true but this will cause me to be shamed for evermore

vo kahin bhi gaya lauta to mire paas aaya

bas yahi baat hai achchhi mire harjai ki

Each time he deserted me, came back to me once more

I like this very aspect of my faithless paramour

tera pahlu tire dil ki tarah abad rahe

tujh pe guzre na qayamat shab-e-tanhai ki

Just as your heart is full of love, be dear ones by your side

May pain of long and lonely nights be never in your store

us ne jalti hui peshani pe jab haath rakha

ruuh tak aa gai tasir masihai ki

When he gently placed his hand upon my burning brow

It was as though the saviour’s touch had infused my core

ab bhi barsat ki raton men badan tutta hai

jaag uthti hain ajab khvahishen angdai ki

till even now in rainy climes, my limbs are aching, sore

the yen to stretch out languidly then comes to the fore

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