Gai Wo Baat Ki Ho Guftugu To Kyunkar Ho

gai vo baat ki ho guftugu to kyunkar ho

kahe se kuchh na hua phir kaho to kyunkar ho

gone is the time I used to think, how will I speak with you

but talking did not help at all, now say what can I do

hamare zehn men is fikr ka hai naam visal

ki gar na ho to kahan jaaen ho to kyunkar ho

just union with my loved one is, now all that bothers me

where will I go were not to be, if were, how can it be

adab hai aur yahi kashmakash to kya kiije

haya hai aur yahi gomago to kyunkar ho

what can I do, this dilemma, am bound by courtesy,

when she is coy, reluctant too, how will love come to be

tumhin kaho ki guzara sanam-paraston ka

buton ki ho agar aisi hi khu to kyunkar ho

how will these idol-worshippers survive, you must comment

how can it ever be if idols have this temperament

ulajhte ho tum agar dekhte ho aina

jo tum se shahr men hon ek do to kyunkar ho

you, at your own reflection in the mirror, take offense

were more here, one or two like you, say what would happen thence

jise nasib ho roz-e-siyah mera sa

vo shakhs din na kahe raat ko to kyunkar ho

a person in whose destiny the days are dark and bleak

if night he does not deem as day, then what else would he speak

hamen phir un se ummid aur unhen hamari qadr

hamari baat hi puchhen na vo to kyunkar ho

for me to harbour hope from her, for her to care for me

if she won’t even ask my will, how can these ever be

ghalat na tha hamen khat par guman tasalli ka

na maane dida-e-didar jo to kyunkar ho

illusion of contentment by her letter may be true

without her sight my eyes rebelled, what was it I could do

batao us mizha ko dekh kar ki mujh ko qarar

vo niish ho rag-e-jan men faro to kyunkar ho

at seeing those eyelashes say, how peace and harmony

if in life’s vein, those knives embed, can ever come to me

mujhe junun nahin ‘ghalib’ vale ba-qaul-e-huzur

firaq-e-yar men taskin ho to kyunkar ho

I am not frenzied Gaalib for, as says his majesty

“in parting from one’s paramour, how peace can ever be?”

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