Story 35 – The Manners Of Kings – Gulistaan-e-Sa.Adii

I was sitting in a vessel with a company of great men when a boat which contained two brothers happened to sink near us. One of the great men promised a hundred dinars to a sailor if he could save them both. Whilst however the sailor was pulling out one, the other perished. I said: ‘He had no longer to live and therefore delay took place in rescuing him.’ the sailor smiled and replied: ‘What thou hast said is certain. Moreover, I preferred to save this one because, when I once-happened to lag behind in the desert, he seated me on his camel, whereas I had received a whipping by the hands of the other. When I was a boy I recited: He, who doth right, doth it to his own soul and he, who doth evil, doth it against the same.’

As long as thou canst, scratch the interior of no one

Because there are thorns on this road.

Be helpful in the affairs of a dervish

Because thou also hast affairs.

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