Hazar Khwab Liye Ji Rahi Hain Sab Aankhen

hazar khvab liye ji rahi hain sab ankhen

tire bina hain magar meri be-sabab ankhen

Bearing a thousand dreams, these eyes live on

But without you,mine are reasonless eyes

chamakte chand sitaro gavah tum rahna

lagi rahi hain falak se tamam shab ankhen

You bright moon and stars, be my witness

Gazing skywards all night have been these eyes

tumhare samne rahti hain nim-va hamdam

Haya-shanas bahut hain ye ba-adab ankhen

In front of you they remain half open

How courteous and bashful they are, these eyes

bas ek diid ki hasrat saja ke palkon par

milengi tum se khayalon men be-talab ankhen

With only the desire to see you adorning the eyelashes

they will meet you in thoughts, these desireless eyes

sila diya hai mohabbat ka tum ne ye kaisa

masarraton men bhi rone lagi hain ab ankhen

What is this reward you have given for loving you

Even in the midst of happiness they cry, these eyes

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